Welcome to CoolM8

Thank you for visiting our Cool M8 Webpage.  When you shop with us you will find we are all about  customer service and make sure you get the perfect product that you have been looking for.

My name is Pauline, and with my partner, Michael, we have created our own exciting online business.  We would like to introduce our new product - The Cool M8 Universal Cooling Towel.  We also have other products/accessories.

Our new business, Cool M8 (mate), is run currently from our home office and is 100% right here in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.  We have our stock on site and it is ready to be shipped to you.

We have a fantastic new product that can be used by babies to the elderly.  We love this product and have personally used it along with our children and extended families and friends.  We are passionate about this product and what it can do for you.  Be sure to read the benefits and uses of this amazing product.